Belden Filled Foam Skin CACSP - PE 59Intended for general use in buried distribution and exchange feeder plant.
· Solid insulated color coded conductors for easy identification
· Corrugated copolymer coated overlapped aluminum and steel shields provide electrical, mechanical, and corrosion protection
· Flexgel® filling compound for superior moisture protection
· Substantial cost savings due to enhanced cable reliability and reduced maintenance requirements

Solid annealed copper in 26, 24, 22 or 19 AWG.

Solid polyolefin color coded in accordance with telephone industry standards.

Twisted Pairs
Individual conductors twisted into pairs with
varying twists to minimize crosstalk,
and specified color combinations to provide pair identification. All pairs are guaranteed to meet electrical requirements for the nominal pair count.

Core Assembly
Cables having 25 pairs or fewer are assembled in a single group. Cables having more than 25 pairs are assembled in units, each individually identified by color coded unit binders.

Core Wrap
Non-hygroscopic dielectric tape applied longitudinally with an overlap.

Filling Compound
Flexgel® filling compound – 80° C Expanded Thermal Plastic Rubber. Compatible with most commercially available encapsulents – cleaning conductors not required.

Shielding System
Corrugated, copolymer coated, .008" thick electrically continuous aluminum tape applied longitudinally over the core wrap with a gap less than 3/16" rotated away from the steel overlap. Over the aluminum shield, a corrugated copolymer coated .006" thick steel tape is applied longitudinally with overlapped edges. A polyolefin based flooding compound is applied over the core wrap and each metal tape.

Black, linear low density, high molecular weight polyethylene.

Identification and Length Marking
Manufacturer’s cable code, pair size, manufacturing plant location, month and year of manufacture and sequential length marking every two feet.