HFR Networks flexiHaul Passive Optical Products

Delivering Complete Solutions

HFR Networks has extensive experience with large scale deployments, as well as relationships across a rich vendor ecosystem. They are often tasked with sourcing additional components to deliver the ideal design for customers. HFR Networks has a broad portfolio of components to draw upon and can quickly deliver any modifications needed to meet a customer’s specific requirements. Their Passive Optical products offer a wide variety of course wave and dense wave multiplexers. With add drop wavelength counts and full mux demux solutions ranging from 2 to 80 wavelengths, they can deliver the passive optical solution optimized to solve an operator’s specific business challenge.

Ordering Information

Passive Optical Chassis & Component Part NumbersDescription
H7200CHS00000-07200 Passive Chassis
H7200IK000000-08500 Mux installation Kit for 7200
H7200MF000000-08300 Mux adaptor frame for 7200
H7200MF010000-08100 Mux adaptor frame for 7200
H7200MF020000-0Common Mux adaptor frame for 7200
H7200MF02000B-07200 Dual Mux adaptor frame (PMF80B)