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Alpha Northern PWE Series Enclosures | Product Catalog | TVC Canada


Alpha Northern PWE Series Enclosures

The Northern PWE-3/-6 is a pole mount cable power enclosure with integrated storm hoods for use in areas where inclement cold weather is prevalent during winter months. The Northern PWE-3/-6 is specifically designed for installations where wind-driven snow conditions (blizzards) are prevalent and snow ingress to standard power supply enclosure is possible.

Alpha’s innovative Z-bracket design prevents snow from entering the enclosure through the louver cover or lid. It is an ideal solution for geographical areas that experience blizzard conditions and have average annual temperatures below 86°F/30°C.

  • Northern PWE-3/-6 enclosures with new integrated storm hoods
  • Direct replacement for standard PWE-3/-6 with storm hoods
  • Designed for climates where blizzard conditions are possible
  • Innovative Z-bracket vents eliminate snow ingress in harsh conditions
  • Tested to blizzard conditions with simulated 60mph wind-driven snow
  • Optional insulated Battery Heater Mats (BHM) recommended