Antronix Milenium Drop Power Multitap MGT2000SDPE-G2 Series

Optimized for next generation HFC architectures, the Antronix Milenium MGT2000-SDPE-G2 series 1.2 GHz multi taps add 1218 MHz bandwidth performance to the Milenium Drop Power Line of Multi-Taps, and lead the CATV industry in performance and reliability. The Antronix Milenium MGT2000-SDPE-G2 series multitap is the preferred drop power multi-tap for WiFi access point powering applications. Each tap has an Easy Access Compartment (EAC) to individually activate power down each drop via an activation jumper or a current limiter. The MGT2000-SDPE-G2 series multi-tap provides low insertion loss and features Antronix’s patented CamPort® andE-Option signal conditioning plug-in. All Milenium multi-taps mate to the Antronix USP baseplate for continuous video, data, telephony, and power during faceplate changes*.

The unmatched flexibility of the Milenium series multi-taps allows system engineers to adapt existing designs to new requirements expediently and without a complete system redesign. The Milenium series multi-tap can quickly and easily be upgraded for WiFi powering or subscriber powering with a simple faceplate exchange.

The innovative E-Option signal-conditioning multi-tap solves many network problems through a creative plug-in. A single plug-in can help improve signal-to noise while suppressing ingress. Never before has adapting a system to meet the needs of WiFi, VOD, VoIP, digital and data been so simple. A variety of E-Option signal conditioning plug-ins are available to condition either, or both, the return path and forward path. The E-Options will save you money and time while adapting your system to today’s broadband requirements.

Ordering Information

TVC Part #Manufacturer Part #DescriptionCase PackInner Pack
CLJMPCL-JMPJumper, Drop Power, For MGT2000SDPE Series Multitaps OnlyN/A1,000
MGT22xxSDPEUMGT22xx-SDPE/UMulti-tap, Drop Power, 2 Port, 1 GHz, Complete tap164
MGT24yySDPE/PMGT24yy-SDPE/PBaseplate, Drop Power, 4 Port, 1GHz164
MGT22xxSDPE/PMGT22xx-SDPE/PBaseplate, Drop Power, 2 Port, 1GHz164
MGT24yySDPEUMGT24yy-SDPE/UMulti-tap, Drop Power, 4 Port, 1 GHz, Complete tap164
MGT28zzSDPEUMGT28zz-SDPE/U Multi-tap, Drop Power, 8 Port, 1 GHz, Complete tap164
MGT28zzSDPE/PMGT28zz-SDPE/PBaseplate, Drop Power, 8 Port, 1GHz164
MGT2000USPMGT2000/UHousing, Multi-Tap, Single Compartment5010
MTH3009-2MTH3009Housing, Multi-Tap, Dual Compartment, Horizontal or Vertical204
MTH3009SB2MTH3009SB2Housing, Multi-Tap, Dual Compartment, Horizontal Only204

xx can equal 04, 08, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32yy can equal 08, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32zz can equal 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30