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ARRIS STARLINE MB100 Series, 2/Splittable to 3 Output, 1GHZ Amplifier | Product Catalog | TVC Canada


ARRIS STARLINE MB100 Series, 2/Splittable to 3 Output, 1GHZ AmplifierThe ARRIS 1 GHz MB100 Amplifier enables cable operators to increase forward capacity while maintaining current amplifier spacing of existing 750 and 870 MHz systems. The MB100 is available as a complete unit for greenfield deployments or as a drop-in RF module for 1 GHz upgrades to legacy STARLINE MB-750SH, MB86 and MB87 amplifiers (MB-750SH and MB86 upgrades require the additional MB-15All-KIT assembly kit).

• 2 Output with 42 dB Gain Forward, 20 dB Gain Return [3 output option requires the purchase of specified splitter or directional coupler.
• Line-fed AC input voltage range of 38-90 VAC, and 15 amp AC current capability
• Internal Hi/Lo settable dip-switch to prevent excess loading when using with 90VAC systems
• Overvoltage protection included standard via FTEC (Fast Transfer Electronic Crowbar)
• K, A or N splits available to 1003 MHz
• E-GaN (Gallium Nitride) option provides a 3 dB increase in output level over the standard E-GaAs (Enhanced Gallium Arsenide) technology, for improving amplifier reach
• Minimize RF drift over temperature via optional level control modules
• Available in housing with dimensions 15.4 in x 9.6 in x 5.5 in, or as an electronics-only module for upgrading backwards compatible housings
• Uses JXP attenuators and common STARLINE forward and return equalizers and cable simulators