Generator Expansion Module

Extended Runtime in VoIP and Mission Critical Applications The Generator Expansion Module (GEM) is an innovative way of expanding runtime for PWE-3/6 or UPE-3/6 enclosures. The GEM is easily installed to the base of a PWE or the top of a UPE enclosure to shelter and safeguard an AlphaGenTM lightweight portable generator. Once the mounting hardware is in place, the GEM can be quickly removed or re-installed without tools. The GEM can be deployed independently or as a part of Alpha’s Generator Expansion Module system, that includes the GEM, a mounting kit, a line transfer switch, and an AlphaGenTM portable generator. The GEM system makes upgrading to generator backup simple and fast.


  • Quick and easy pole, ground, or standalone installations for the portable AlphaGen™
  • Field-installable to existing PWE-3/6 and UPE-3/6 enclosures
  • Provides 4-15 additional hours of runtime
  • Protects generator from weather and theft
  • Can be left in place or easily removed after an outage
  • Optional Line Transfer Switch (LTS) for automatic operation