Split CouplingsFor joining CRS’s Split Duct Conduit to CRS’s Split Duct Conduit.

CRS Split Couplings are specifically designed to connect our Split Duct Conduit to another section of Split Duct Conduit. Use of Split Couplings makes laying lines quick and easy.

The Split Couplings are manufactured from a compound specifically designed for power and communications applications. In addition, the Split Couplings along with CRS Split Duct Conduit have superior strength and ultraviolet resistance.

The unique interlocking design gives the Split Couplings a tight seal with a smooth, clean finish on the inside of the pipe.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionMin Order Qty
RC1F1” Split Couplings6       
RC125F1.25” Split Couplings 6       
RC15F1.5” Split Couplings 6       
RC2F2” Split Couplings 6       
RC25F2.5” Split Couplings 6       
RC3F3” Split Couplings 6       
RC4F4” Split Couplings 6        
RC5F 5” Split Couplings6       
RC6F6” Split Couplings 6       
RCD4F4” Split C Adapter Coupling 6