The Opti-Loop Mini-Shoe is available in an 8” size, which is sufficient for all uses. The Opti-Loop Mini-Shoe can manage up to 12 fiber drops when laid flat into the raceway, with minimal slack required at the terminal.

The Opti-Loop Mini-Shoe was designed to store and organize the small amount of slack from a fiber drop that is to be left at an FDT. It is also to be used for the organization or storage of the minimal amount of unused multi-fiber drop, in the placing of a multi-port terminal from VATS splices. Additionally, the remaining cable left for future use is safely stored, as opposed to the slack hanging in a vertical coil. This procedure stores the coil in a more unobtrusive, horizontal fashion.

• Light weight, tough plastic compound and aluminum models
• Keyed bracket slot, to prevent twisting
• Optional, changeable, mounting hardware for aerial, pole or below-grade hand holes
• Weather resistant, non-rusting
• One tool, one bracket mounting
• Will hold all the drops for the largest terminal
• Meets minimum bend radius requirements
• Flared ends prevent chaffing and allow smooth transition to a terminal
• Adjustable length of reserve fiber, restricted only by the distance between the attachments
• Stackable if necessary, with optional, longer bolt
• Spring type, lockable, fingers to hold fiber drops and cable. Nothing more required
• No ty-wraps required
• Future drops can be added without disturbing the original bundle
• Patented design
• No coiling of the fiber drop that could introduce “twisting” if the reserve is used at a later date