AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) Single-Mode Optical FiberOFS’ AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) single-mode optical fiber is the industry’s first full-spectrum fiber designed for optical transmission systems operating over the entire wavelength range from 1260 nm to 1625 nm. Since 1998, OFS has shipped billions of meters of AllWave ZWP fiber to satisfied customers all over the world. AllWave ZWP fiber is OFS’ standard single-mode fiber. This fiber offers customers industry leading performance specifications, reliability, and unsurpassed quality. AllWave ZWP fiber sets the benchmark and maintains leadership with specifi cations that are fully compliant with ITU-T G.652 standards for single-mode optical fiber and even exceed requirements of the latest ITU-T G.652.D low water peak (LWP) fi ber standard.

Before AllWave ZWP fiber was introduced, systems were limited to operating in either the O-band (1310 nm window) or the C- and L-bands (1530 nm to 1625 nm). Since the commercialization of AllWave ZWP fiber in 1998, the E-band (1400 nm window) is available to inexpensively expand the capacity of optical networks. This is due to an OFS patented manufacturing process that permanently removes the water peak defect to ensure low and stable loss performance in the 1400 nm band and over the lifetime of the cable. AllWave ZWP fiber offers the lowest loss of all commercial LWP fibers in the industry.

• Fully Compatible with all conventional singlemode fiber international standards. The addition of AllWave ZWP to an existing network will maximize the extended network performance.
• Best in class, Low Optical Loss across the entire spectrum from 1260 to 1625 nm (See
Figure 1)
• Absence of hydrogen aging defects and using high purity synthetic silica ensures Long-Term Attenuation Reliability across the entire wavelength range (1260-1625 nm)
• A 50% Increase in Usable Optical Spectrum enabling 16- channel CWDM and DWDM support
• Best in class, tightest geometry control for Lowest Splice Loss and improved connectorization performance
• Best in class, Ultra Low Fiber PMD enables speed and distance upgrades
• Outstanding Reliability, environmental performance, and strippability provided by industry leading DLux® Coating
• Provides network designer maximum flexibility to meet todays demanding requirements while best supporting unknown future demands