Schedule 40 PVC Rigid Nonmetallic Conduit

Heavy Wall EPC

Listed for underground applications encased in concrete or direct burial. Also for use in exposed or concealed applications above ground.

Schedule 40 conduit is designed for use above ground and underground as described in the National Electrical Code.

It features superior weathering characteristics & sunlight resistance and is rated for use with 90°C conductors.

Ease of Installation - Nonmetallic conduit is 1/4 to 1/5 the weight of metallic systems, can be installed in less than half the time, and are easily fabricated on the job.

Safety - Nonmetallic conduit is non-conductive, assuring a safe system.

Impact Resistant - Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 nonmetallic conduit is resistant to sunlight and is listed for exposed or outdoor usage. The use of expansion fittings allows the system to expand and contract with temperature variations.

Corrosion Resistant - Conduits and fittings are nonmetallic and will not rust or corrode. Nonmetallic Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 conduit and elbows are manufactured to NEMA TC-2, Federal specification WC1O94A and UL 651 specifications. Fittings are manufactured to NEMA TC-3, Federal specification WC1094A and UL514B. Both conduit and fittings carry perspective UL or ETL Listings and UL or ETL labels.


Special fittings and conduit sizes will be quoted on request.

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ETL and UL Listed.

Ordering Information

Nom. SizeStd. Crate Qty 10'Std. Crate Qty 20'Wt. Per 100'O.D. I.D.Wall
3/4”4400’ 8800’ 23 1.050.824 .113
1” 3600’ 7200’341.315 1.049 .133
1-1/4” 3300’6600’461.6601.380 .140
1-1/2” 2250’4500’551.9001.610.145
2” 1400’ 2800’732.3752.067.154
3” 880’1760’ 163 3.5003.068.216
5”380’ 760’3155.563 5.047.25
2-1/2” 930’1860’1242.8752.469 .203
4” 570’ 1140’ 232 4.5004.026 .237
6” 260’ 520’ 4096.6256.065 .280
3-1/2” 630’ 1260’1964.0003.548.226

Rigid nonmetallic conduit is normally supplied in standard 10’ or 20 ‘ lengths, with one belled end per length. It may be produced without belled ends.