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Wireless CPE | Product Catalog | TVC Canada


Wireless CPE

Extend your plant to previously unavailable customers with wireless bridging available from Lindsay’s wireless CPE devices.

By using the same Router Boards that are in the HAP and WAZU outdoor hardened equipment, consistent management interfaces and feature sets are maintained. An end-to-end Lindsay based solution can also benefit from protocols such as Nstreme polling for equal and timely access for all wireless clients.

  • - Long-life, UV stable, IP-67 housing.
  • - With integrated 11dBi antenna.
  • - 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz versions available.
  • - Pole, wall, and window (suction cup) mount.
  • - Weatherproof Ethernet jack accepts pre-terminated cables.
  • - Use Passive POE powering.
  • - Ideal platform for a Mikrotik RouterBoard based CPE. LCPI-1000 Indoor CPE
  • - Solid all aluminum construction.
  • - Many radio options including high power and .11n.
  • - Integrated multi-band swivel antenna or N jacks.
  • - Use Passive POE powering or DC jack.
  • - Ideal platform for a Mikrotik RouterBoard based CPE.