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CADWELD® PLUS ONE SHOT | Product Catalog | TVC Canada


CADWELD® PLUS ONE SHOT The CADWELD® PLUS ONE SHOT produces a pemanent exothermic connection to a ground rod that will not loosen, corrode or increase in resistance for the life of the installation. The convenient single-use package makes the connection to the ground rod without a mold or starting material. Thanks to the electronic CADWELD PLUS Control Unit, welds can now be completed up to 6 feet (1.8 meters) away, increasing flexibility in hard-to-reach areas. The new refractory ceramic body utilized with the CADWELD PLUS ONE SHOT system is more durable than conventional ceramic and resists breaking.

Easy-to-use electronic ignition. No starting material.
Durable disposable ceramic body eliminates the graphite mold and frame.
Produces a permanent connection that will not loosen or corrode.
NEC® compliant.
cULus® Listed.

The CADWELD PLUS ONE SHOT is ideal for making permanent reliable connections to ground rods for electrical transmission and distribution, telecommunications and cable television applications.