CTDI MicroNode™ 150 RFoG ONUThe CTDI MicroNode 150 Forward and Return Path RFoG ONU delivers advanced bi-directional, interactive RF services over a passive fiber optic distribution network. It is deployed with an existing PON ONT, enabling all voice, video and data services on a common fiber infrastructure. An integrated WDM provides the fiber connectivity to the BPON, GPON, or EPON ONT. It can also be deployed as a stand-alone RFoG ONU, delivering RF services today with capacity to add the adjacent PON ONT as service requirements change. The MicroNode 150 RFoG ONU provides the freedom and flexibility to work with any PON system that uses industry standard optical wavelengths, and serves as the optical transport layer for RF video, DAVIC, and DOCSIS technologies. The MicroNode RFoG ONU provides bi-directional services over extended RF frequencies (up to 1.1Ghz) while being compatible with both RF headend and RF customer premises equipment and preserving today’s operating processes. CTDI’s MicroNode 150 RFoG ONU: flexibility to grow your network to meet customer demand now and in the future.

¦ Reduces network costs via elimination of HFC nodes
¦ Allows deployment of fiber optic distribution network while leveraging existing RF and DOCSIS investments
¦ Compatible with industry standard BPON, GPON and EPON systems, with integrated WDM to feed a co-located PON ONT
¦ Compatible with existing RF headend and CPE equipment
¦ High performance, ultra low noise burst mode enables use of full RF spectrum for the return path, resulting in increased available bandwidth
¦ Low maintenance and high reliability of an all-fiber network
¦ Reduced power consumption via green technology

¦ Extended spectrum RF video
¦ Analog & digital video formats
¦ Universal HFC set top box, cable modem and headend support
¦ Transparent return path capability (protocol and modulation format agnostic)
¦ Optical AGC with positive RF up-slope
¦ Supports in-home applications without amplifiers
¦ In-home power over 75 Ohm coax cabling
¦ Ultra low ingress noise performance


Part NumberDescription
MNTH156 MicroNode 156 RFoG ONU (42MHz/1610nm RP)
MNTH157 MicroNode 157 RFoG ONU (65MHz/1610nm RP)
PSB8000 12VDC, 24W UPS (Charger & 7.2AH battery)
PSB8002 12VDC, 24W UPS hardened (Charger & 7.2AH battery)
PSB1005 12VDC, 24W brick, plug-mounted
PSB1006 12VDC, 24W brick, international plug-mounted
PSB1007 12VDC, brick, plug-mounted, coax feed
PSB1008 12VDC, brick, international plug-mounted, 5mm barrel plug
PSB1009 12VDC, 30W hardened UPS for OSPE202 (240VAC)
PSB1010 12VDC, 30W hardened UPS for OSPE202 (120VAC)
BAT1002 12VDC, 7.2AH battery for OSPE202 and PSB8000 series
OSPE110 Enhanced plastic outside enclosure
OSPE120 Plastic outside enclosure with NID
OSPE202 All-in-One metal outside enclosure
OSPE301 MicroNode standard outside enclosure

Alloptic power supplies may be used to operate MicroNode 150 RFoG ONUs, however, the MicroNode receives its power directly from the Alloptic ONT when it is used in the same enclosure. No additional power supply is required in that case.