508S Wire Finder/Mini LocatorThe 508S Wire Finder is used to trace energized or degenerated wires with reliable results on buried cables to depths of 3 feet and lengths up to 1000 feet. The unit can even be used to determine the approximate depth of the wire before you dig.

• Determines the approximate depth of a wire before digging begins
• Transmitter and receiver are fully-adjustable for accurate locating
• Reliable results on buried cables to depths of 3' and lengths up to 1000'
• Quick-change test leads for use in any industry, even international power outlets
• Voltage protection allows use on live AC circuits
• Automatic shutoff prevents accidental battery discharge
• Both the transmitter and receiver are housed in a durable, molded carrying case with a quick reference operation guide on the inside of the lid
• Compact design
• Easy-to-understand operations

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508S Wire Finder/Mini Locator