AFL Hot Jacket StrippersThe HJS-02 and HJS-03-24 Hot Jacket Strippers provide superior ribbon and field ribbonized stripping performance. They conserve power for field stripping when operating under battery power. A temperature selection switch is also provided for easy optimization in the field for different fibers or operating conditions. An optional single-fiber adapter may be used to provide easy, single-fiber capability for high strength splicing applications, or for single-fiber capability for difficult to strip fibers. These strippers also accept the fiber holders of the FSM-40F and FSM-40PM factory/lab splicers. An optional power assist tool for the HJS-03-24 allows smooth and controlled stripping of 24-fiber ribbons.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
S010340HJS-02 Hot Jacket Stripper (12 fibers max.)
S012960HJS-03-24 Hot Jacket Stripper (24 fibers max.)
S010496AC Adapter for HJS-02 and HJS-03-24
S012964 HJS-03-24PA Power Assist Tool for HJS-03-24
S010428SAD-01 Single Fiber Adapter for HJS-02
S013264 HJS-02-80 Hot Jacket Stripper (80µm cladding)